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My Fave Pairing |

Heya, I'm still alive! Thanks for visiting my page ^__^

Fave Chara


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My fave pairing

update 2/6/2013

Haseo x Endrance
Haseo x Alkaid

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I'm sick XD


it's my first time I update my journal after I study at college again in my third semester.
well, my Tales of vs don't arrive here yet.
As my expected, it must be 3 weeks or more (1 month) for waiting the game.. XD

uHH.. I have been sick since tuesday morning (2 days ago). I got had an influenza. I was sneezing non stop, my head was also really dizzy. my days was really terrible and my health was worse.. I also didn't make homeworks ^^;
This evening (few hours ago) I went to a hospital and got some medicine. I think my condition now is better than before.

2 days ago also, I don't know why I had a weird dream.. I played Tales of Vesperia game ^^; (I don't even have ps3 or Xbox360)

Yesterday, I had myself purchase (preorder) tales of vesperia ps3 at playasia of couerse.. XD woot... T__T

First reason is Amazing Guy twin brother Flynn. XD
I also was surprised with Karol in keroro gunsou costume!!!! also abyss and another tales costume for vesperia characters *thanks for the info abyssalchronicles.com* ^^

tales of vesperia

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Gyaahhh.. XD


Uahh finally, my tales of VS. preorder shipped out today!!!! I bought it from play-asia.
I am so hyper happy :D
I hope I will receive the PSP game soon so I can play it!! ^^

Photobucket  clickie the picture if you're interested to see the shop or maybe wanna to order it too.. ^^ hehehe..

Uhh.. my lucky draw prize don't arrive here yet.. Nande?? T___T
in fact I buy from j-ground shop (local shop in here) I received package in 2 day after they sent out it. XD
uhm.. maybe tommorow ^^
I am so happy.. I received my prize this evening!! ^^ thanks so much J-Ground!! ^_^

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Happy desuuuu~

Hello minna-san!! ^^

Today I am so excited and happy because I won a lucky draw. I get the grand prize: D.Gray-Man DVD Clip Collection Japan Imported I will receive it this week.

I never expected this before XD That time I just bought many Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn and Gintama Clear File worth 45 USD.


I never hope I can get the prize. I think I always have bad luck. Even at school I don't have a lot of friends and friends always mock me.. I think I always have bad luck. But I am wrong. I also have good luck.. At least on anime thing and I have my parents who always fulfill my needs.  ^_^
I also have a lot of good friends although only on internet ^_^ I can talk and share something to them anytime I like.
So,  I must have optimist and positive thinking :D yay!! :3

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My Ed figure~


I wanna to share a photography picture of my Ed figure!

Edward Elric,action figure,Fullmetal Alchemist

Please click here to see the full view ^^

Comment, critique, and idea are welcome :D
Thanks ^_^

ToTA anime!!!!

Yay!!! Finally Tales of the Abyss anime is coming out!!!!!

But, I am not yet watch it because I have no time for download it (yeah, I have no time for waiting download with this dial up / slow connection and I am very busy with my exams currently T__T).

I love this adorable game so much!! ^^

If I have enough money.. I will buy the DVD....!! ^^

YayYAY!!!!!! ^^


Uwaahahaha I am really love Tales of the Abyss currently and I wanna buy all of the ToTa stuff, merchandise, CD Drama, etc.. blahblah ^^;;

TV Anime Tales Of The Abyss Sound Episode / Drama CD (Chihiro Suzuki, Yukana, Takehito Koyasu, et al.)

Drama CD (Chihiro Suzuki, Yukana, Takehito Koyasu, et al.)

aww.. new drama CD?? sugoii ne!!!!

Anthology Drama CD Tales of the Abyss / Drama CD (Chihiro Suzuki, Yukana, Takehito Koyasu, et al.)

Drama CD (Chihiro Suzuki, Yukana, Takehito Koyasu, et al.)

Anthology Drama CD Tales of the Abyss / Drama CD (Chihiro Suzuki, Yukana, Takehito Koyasu, et al.)

Drama CD (Chihiro Suzuki, Yukana, Takehito Koyasu, et al.)

Drama CD Tales of the Abyss / Drama CD (Chihiro Suzuki, Yukana, Takehito Koyasu, et al.)

Drama CD (Chihiro Suzuki, Yukana, Takehito Koyasu, et al.)

Uahhh.. I wanna all of them T__T

Price: 8800 yen
Day of the event: March 16, 2008
Place of the event: Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsu Dai Hall
DVD Release: June 25, 2008

-Uhuh.. I can’t wait anymore for watch this DVD.. I must wait around 1 week =A=-

DVD ini sebentar lagi akan dikirim… Rasanya sudah tidak sabar menunggu seminggu lagi… DVD akan sampai di tangan saya!! Mudah-mudahan pak pos & Bu pos bisa mengirimkannya kepada saya dengan cepat XD Lalu masalah tagihan dari bank, uhm.. entar ngumpet di kamar mandi kalau diomelin mama & papa.. gampang khan.. huehue.. XD maklum saya udah gila menghambur-hamburkan uang untuk anime.. padahal barusan saja mama membayar buat pembelian anime fanbooks, DVD tenimyu + Action figure yang habisnya sekitar 55.000yen XD aduhhh kasihan ortu punya anak seperti saya. Yaahh tapi untunglah nilai rapot saya tidak terlalu buruk & masuk perguruan tingg Unika Soegiyopranata agak murah (kena sekitar 3,8juta) lewat jalur prestasi dapat ranking 2.. huehue…=A= *maklum orang stress ini anak* XD

Read more about the seiyuu + special guest on this DVD also list of the songs. Click here… ^_^Collapse )