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Happy desuuuu~

Hello minna-san!! ^^

Today I am so excited and happy because I won a lucky draw. I get the grand prize: D.Gray-Man DVD Clip Collection Japan Imported I will receive it this week.

I never expected this before XD That time I just bought many Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn and Gintama Clear File worth 45 USD.


I never hope I can get the prize. I think I always have bad luck. Even at school I don't have a lot of friends and friends always mock me.. I think I always have bad luck. But I am wrong. I also have good luck.. At least on anime thing and I have my parents who always fulfill my needs.  ^_^
I also have a lot of good friends although only on internet ^_^ I can talk and share something to them anytime I like.
So,  I must have optimist and positive thinking :D yay!! :3

</span></span>My 3 new action figure photo:

Lloyd Irving Trading Figure - Fight
Tales of symphonia,action figure,lloyd irving  click here to see the full view. ^^

Lion Magnus PVC figure - On sunset moment
lion magnus,action figure,tales of destiny click here to see the full view and the detail. ^^

FMA Group Bandai Figure - On Beach 1
Fullmetal Alchemist,Fullmetal Alchemist,roy mustang,roy mustang,Edward Elric,Edward Elric,alphonse elric,alphonse elric,riza hawyeke,riza hawyeke,action figure,action figure  Please clickie here desu, if you want to see ^_^

Comment and critique are love :D
Thanks very much for reading! ^_^
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