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Gyaahhh.. XD


Uahh finally, my tales of VS. preorder shipped out today!!!! I bought it from play-asia.
I am so hyper happy :D
I hope I will receive the PSP game soon so I can play it!! ^^

Photobucket  clickie the picture if you're interested to see the shop or maybe wanna to order it too.. ^^ hehehe..

Uhh.. my lucky draw prize don't arrive here yet.. Nande?? T___T
in fact I buy from j-ground shop (local shop in here) I received package in 2 day after they sent out it. XD
uhm.. maybe tommorow ^^
I am so happy.. I received my prize this evening!! ^^ thanks so much J-Ground!! ^_^

tales of destiny,tales of destiny,Tales of symphonia,Tales of symphonia,lloyd irving,lloyd irving,stan aileron,stan aileron,action figure,action figure  click here for bigger picture, direct link to my DA ^^ --> I got a lot of influence from Tales of VS.

~Chit Chat About Tales of Versus~

I heard the preorder is included code to unlocked skit for Tales of Vesperia PS3.. And there's preorder code on ToV PS3 for Tales of VS.
*Anyone want to barter the code with me??*

the 35 characters:

tales of versus

*Tales of Phantasia - Cless Alvein, Mint Adnade, Arche Klein, Chester Barklight, Dhaos
*Tales of Destiny - Mighty Kongman, Stan Aileron, Lion Magnus, Philia Felice
*Tales of Eternia - Farah Oersted
*Tales of Destiny 2 - Nanaly Fletch, Kyle Dunamis, Harold Belserius, Barbatos Goetia
*Tales of Symphonia - Kratos Aurion, Lloyd Irving, Colette Brunel, Presea Combatir
*Tales of Rebirth - Mao, Eugene Gallardo
*Tales of Legendia - Senel Coolidge
*Tales of the Abyss - Luke Fon Fabre, Anise Tatlin, Asch, Jade Curtiss, Tear Grants
*Tales of the Tempest - Caius Qualls
*Tales of Innocence - Ruca Milda, Iria Animi
*Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - Richter Abend
*Tales of Vesperia - Yuri Lowell, Judith, Rita Mordio
*Tales of Hearts - Shing Meteoryte, Kohak Hearts

thanks to abyssalchronicles.com and wikipedia for the info ^^

Here is my opinion about pre-play game~

Where's Guy Cecil?? T__T he is my most favorite from ToA. Also I want Flynn. They can make double twin brother pair!!!

Where's Shiina, Zelos & Genis?? uhh... XD *dissapointed*

Where's Reid?? Uhh.. It's okay because he appear on tales of wallbreaker..

Whoaa.. A nurse appear here!! Mint!! I never play ToP before. I hope her performance is good!! you have my sympathy Mint-san.. I wonder why a lot of people hate you T__T

then poor Anise!! I think she is cute & sweet. But many people hate her.. you have my sympathy Anise-chan ^_^

Yay!! Lion!! I hope there's Judas costume for him!! :D

Eugene?? what?? A creature?? he is a member of this animal-esque race.. an unique character,

Barbatos & Dhaos the Villain!! I think they're interesting enough.. but I hate Villain T__T

Yggdrasil mode? but where's Yggdrasil??

Jade & Rita!!!! Indignation!!!!!!! *whoaa indignation pair!!!!*

Luke & Asch.. so interesting.. the original & the replica.. I will try them as a pair!! :D

Tear!! Get ready for Melon? huh?? ^^; squeee.. she is cuteeee~

Presea & Philia kawaiiii!!!!!

Whoaa.. Stan & Kyle.. Father & son!! Interesting pair!!!!
ahh Kratos & Lloyd too :D

I hope more characters can be unlock or please namco give me a lot of surprise on the game

ehehehe... ^^ Love it!! Can't wait it!!

uhmm.. Finally I must come back to my college life start from August 10. And I will have holiday again around middle September for 1 week.

So maybe I couldn't update this LJ and my DA gallery often.. XD
but I won't forget to visit my friends journal & gallery when I get a chance ^^

thank you all.. I will miss you ^^ (eh but I will update 1 more time before I go to college)

I love you full. --> hahaha I got this quote influence from 'Mbah Surip'. He is a famous singer here in Indonesia. his song is so funny. everyone laugh a lot when listening his song. tak gendong kemana-mana ^^;

Unfortunately he was died yesterday.
Rest in peace mbah...

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