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I'm sick XD


it's my first time I update my journal after I study at college again in my third semester.
well, my Tales of vs don't arrive here yet.
As my expected, it must be 3 weeks or more (1 month) for waiting the game.. XD

uHH.. I have been sick since tuesday morning (2 days ago). I got had an influenza. I was sneezing non stop, my head was also really dizzy. my days was really terrible and my health was worse.. I also didn't make homeworks ^^;
This evening (few hours ago) I went to a hospital and got some medicine. I think my condition now is better than before.

2 days ago also, I don't know why I had a weird dream.. I played Tales of Vesperia game ^^; (I don't even have ps3 or Xbox360)

Yesterday, I had myself purchase (preorder) tales of vesperia ps3 at playasia of couerse.. XD woot... T__T

First reason is Amazing Guy twin brother Flynn. XD
I also was surprised with Karol in keroro gunsou costume!!!! also abyss and another tales costume for vesperia characters *thanks for the info abyssalchronicles.com* ^^

tales of vesperia

I don't even have ps3 console. this is really sucks.. :(
Strangely, I have a blackberry type BOLD which more expensive that a ps3 console.. XD
I don't know why my dad prefer to buy me a blackberry BOLD than a ps3 console... T___T

I even don't use much the blackberry facility such as push mail, chatting messenger, etc.. I always online everyday (at least 1 hour) with my laptop. LOL..
I only use that for listening to music, SMS, and make a call.

uhh... T___T Anyone want to barter a ps3 console with my blackberry??? please!!!! hahaha.. I'm just kidding.. my dad will kill me if I do this... hiks...poor me..

Maybe I can play the game 2 or 3 years later...

Ahhh I can't sleep..... XD
I wanna sleeppppp.......

Indonesia language

Adakah rental Play Station 3 di Semarang?? terutama di daerah banyumanik / srondol??? ntar aku samperin dehh pas liburan buat ngemaenin vesperia... XD
Susah ya rental ps3 (langka).. ngeliatnya rental ps2 doank.. mungkin aku yg ga tau juga ding...
klo ada rental ps3 di semarang tolong komen.. dan beritahu alamatnya.. wkwkwkwk ^^
tentu aja dengan harga sewa maen perjamnya /  sewa per hari (mungkin ada) yg terjangkau (tidak mencekik seperti rentenir) ^_^ hehehe..

thanks for reading :D
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