Hauu.. (Rena mode on)

hello.. lucky :D

Nyohooo.. Hello!!

Long time I do not update this journal.. Why?? I am lazy ass ^^; and I found a new pen friend who is kind to me.. Nyahaha.. I like to talk everything to him.. When the moment I have bad experience with friend and lesson at school.. I always talk to him ^^;
UAN Udah selese..
Ujian praktek hari ini udah yg terakhir...
Tinggal 1 ujian lagi yaitu...... Ujian sekolah....
Ahh.. cape deh -_-

Haha.. my anime merchandises order came to me already a month ago.. Thank you so much for koh heri for sent it to my home and also doumo arigatou for sou-kun, who bought me the anime stuffs.. I am so glad.. ehehe..

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Mion is running ^^

Reminder!! ^^

Yay!! I will have holiday (around 10 days later from now.. ) and I will free... SO what I must do??

I think I must write some plan for my very long holiday which I will spend the most of them at home :P
However, I don't want to go to everywhere. I love stay at home better than go outside..
Home sweet home ^___^ tehehehe..

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